Experiential Workshop: The Bioenergetic Experience (November, 2016)

Bioenergetic Therapy blends traditional psychotherapy with a body-oriented approach. Based on the connection between the body and the mind, Bioenergetics addresses both physical and emotional symptoms of unhappiness, stress and trauma, including depression, anxiety, insomnia, heart attacks, ulcers, and headaches to mention just a few.

By working directly with the body to relieve tensions and release blocked expression, the therapy helps people to become more relaxed and more able to enjoy life. Bioenergetic therapy sessions generally include both talking and working with the body.

When & Where

November 20 2016

1767 Grand Avenue, #4
San Diego, CA 92109

Lunch: Bring lunch or find a bite at a friendly local eatery within walking distance.

For more information

Contact Garet Bedrosian at 619.300.8002 or info@sciba.org