Maggie Locke MFT, CBT

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"I left a long and successful career as a journalist to practice as a Bioenergetic therapist because of the life-altering effects I experienced as a client."
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Maggie Locke has been involved in Bioenergetic Analysis for more than 20 years.Through the mystery of the body, she found a route to deeper relationships with others, fuller emotional experience and a richer spiritual life. This awakening impassioned her to work with others to find their path to feeling fully alive.

Maggie works directly with the energy of the body, first attuning to how it manifests in emotions and physical sensations. She assists the client to recognize and understand the unique language used by his or her body as it seeks to express the deepest truth of the self. Like learning any language, this can be a mystifying task at first. Maggie helps the client to trust the information the body is offering through constricted breathing, chronic muscle tension, skeletal misalignment or any number of other body features. As adults, we often become accustomed to ignoring the cries of the body. They can go unattended for years, much like the cries of the child may have gone unheeded by parents.

Often by the time one enters therapy, a symptom of energetic imbalance has become so profound it threatens our life as we have carefully engineered it. Perhaps it is overwhelming anxiety or depression, an addiction gone out of control, self destructiveness, an unsuccessful marriage or a failed job. Perhaps it is simply a sense that there is "something more" that is missing from life. Whatever the condition or situation, the pain tells us that we have turned against ourselves and our deepest needs in some way.

Learning to trust what the body is trying to say can lead us back to ourselves. Sometimes its messages can be terrifying, for they mean we may need to change our lives in fundamental ways or alter our perceptions about ourselves in ways that unsettle who we thought we were. Like most well-trained Bioenergetic therapists, Maggie understands this challenge and knows how to companion another through the transition from faking it in the world to constructing a life that serves and expresses the authentic. The reward is the joy of freeing energy from managing crippling symptoms or life circumstances to pursue our truest hopes and dreams.

Bioenergetic work is based on the principle that "the body does not lie". Come home to your true self.

Accepting new clients:

Avg Cost (per session): $135 - $200
Sliding Scale: Yes
Accepts Insurance: Yes, PPO, & Aetna

  • Special Issues: depression, anxiety, infertility, adoption, grief
  • Long or short term therapy
  • Couples counseling
Certified Bioenergetic Therapist
  • Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (SCIBA)
  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
  • International Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis (IIBA)

Pint Loma/Sunset Cliffs
Contact for directions.

(619) 222-4743