What is Bioenergetic Analysis?

Bioenergetic Analysis basically combines a bodily, analytic and relational therapeutic work, based upon an energetic understanding.

Bioenergetic Analysis helps to release chronic muscular tensions, manage affects, expand the capacity for intimacy, heal sexual difficulties and learn new, more fulfilling ways of relating to others. Tenderness, aggression, assertion – and their confluence in sexuality – are seen as core lifesaving forces. The therapeutic relationship provides a place of safety in which healing begins.

In Bioenergetic Analysis, affect is the core of our work.  Emotional states are the most powerful and pervasive Bioenergetic states of the body.

We recognize the transforming power of positive emotional states and the aliveness and health that these states can bring to our life. In our work, we especially focus on these states as agents of healing, and understand their capacity to help the client reorganize their sense of self.

All of these Bioenergetic states of the self are relational, participatory, and resonant connections to the world.  Sometimes they are rapid and immediate nonverbal responses to people and situations, and sometimes they represent the deep background impact of the environment and energy of our surround. When they are felt and embodied, they change us. We recognize the power of these connections and how important they are as organizers of the self-experience and for our physical and emotional health and aliveness.