Southern California Bioenergetic Conference

Fear of Life: Increasing our Capacity for Aliveness

February 21-24 2019

Lake Arrowhead, CA

Our human capacity for aliveness is enormous. What happens when our aliveness is challenged by our fear of life?

Fear contracts our bodies and shuts down our hearts. When we feel threatened, fear serves as a cue for us to act…to run, to fight, to freeze or hide. Our muscles contract in response. If safety is restored and the resultant contractions in the body released, we resume a feeling of equilibrium and connection to the flow of life’s energy.
However, when a sense of safety is not restored and fear remains, our bodies become locked in the form of chronic tension. This chronic tension becomes unconscious; we wonder why we feel stuck, unhappy, and/or riddled with physical pain. We seek outside of ourselves to feel something other than what we are feeling, we do more, buy more, we go after the next promising thrill, inevitably coming back to the same stuck feeling. Living in the contraction of our fear, we lose our feelings of aliveness.
The good news is that we have the capacity to return to our bodies, where fear resides, and address the chronic tension. Bioenergetics helps to do this through grounding, relational and body work and ultimately surrendering to the process of re-awakening our aliveness. Join us for a weekend of Bioenergetics. Tune in and discover your body’s innate capacity for feeling alive.

“Working beyond words”
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